The Redwood Room, Downtown

Redwood Room, Clift Hotel, San Francisco
photo courtesy of Clift Hotel

How fabulous is the Redwood Room?  Historically, the bar in the Clift Hotel has always been grand and nostalgic, and it continues to be so.  Everyone freaked out when Phillip Stark was given the commission to give the place a face lift in 2001.  The San Francisco locals felt that our Redwood Room needed to stay the same.  We all had the feeling that you have when you move away from home and you really want your room to stay the same, and then your parents put all of your stuff in the garage and turn it into a sewing/ exercise/ office room that has nothing to do with you anymore.  It was an irrational fear of wanting things to stay the same.  Well, Mr. Stark has proved to be a master of taste and style as the Redwood Room is still stylishly fabulous, historically relevant, yet modern, old, hip and cool all at the same time.  Which is a handful of ironic words to use together but when you go there, you will agree.  My fave bit about the place other than classically fantastic cocktails is the art.  The portraits on the wall interact with each other and there seems to be quite a racy story line that leaves you guessing who did what to whom, why and what will happen because of it.
495 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 775-4700

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