Fish Market (Fiskmarkadurinn), Reykjavik

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Anthony Bourdain totally freaked me out.  Damn you Tony.  In his review of the food from Iceland: You. Did. Not. Represent.  Really funny, but kinda shameful.  Maybe because it was winter and it dampened your sunny disposition?  I found the food in Iceland to be quite amazing.  Iceland offers spectacular seafood, lamb and dairy.  They also have their own style of pickling things in a unique way.  Seafood from the pristine waters of the north Atlantic offered up are salmon, langoustine (lobster), haddock, cod, halibut and shrimp along side whale such as the minke.  The icelanders are also fond of eating puffin, but I could not as they are so cute!

After our tour of the island, we had one last night in Reykjavik before we flew home.  We wanted to have a special last meal and ended up at Fish Market.  We started the evening off with yummy cocktails, then moved downstairs for dinner.   We wallowed in huge portions with lovely flavor combinations of yummy langoustine, king crab and lamb.  I highly recommend Fish Market.

Adalstraeti 12, Reykjavik, Iceland

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